According to this test, also referred to as ASTM D892, the tendency of oils to foam can be a serious problem in systems such as high-speed gearing, high-volume pumping, and splash lubrication. Density is expressed by the weight per cubic foot. Analyzing Foaming Tendency: Foam Test. 5.1 The tendency of oils to foam can be a serious problem in systems such as high-speed gearing, high-volume pumping, and splash lubrication. You measure the height or volume of foam generated and its decay over time. could occur in a test. A report from the controller consists of the force of deflection, support factor, specimen identifier, load, and time. Foam testing should be close to the desired application. Does anyone have the written procedure for testing shampoo foam height using a dilute solution in a blender? Per NFPA 11: Do not mixing unlike foam brands. The test manifold on the foam/water sprinkler system allows testing to be performed without discharging the foam/water solution from the sprinkler heads them-selves. If the premix solution is mixed too rich—too much foam concentrate and not enough water— there is a risk running out of foam before the fire is fully extinguished. The one that @vitalys posted looks about the procedure we used at Alberto. Aqueous solutions of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), n-octyl-β-d-glucopyranoside, hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), and n-hexanol, i.e., four systems forming metastable and transient foams, were studied. This method measures the height of foam developed by pouring. During an IFD test, the MTESTQuattro software charts live load and foam height over time. Never mix class A foam with Class B foam. The action is intermittent, time being alloted strictly for foam decay, as well as for foam generation. October 2017. Comparative or duplicate tests can be prolonged indefinitely, or until a steadied state is reached. Weight ÷ Width x Height x Length = Density. range should be between 120 f and 35 f. Freezing and thawing will not harm foam. Storage temp. foam concentrate in boiler rooms, out-door sheds or attics. em88 Member. Say the density of a mattress is four pounds per cubic foot. Due to drainage, foam at the top dries until it reaches a critical film thickness for collapse, giving the maximum foam height (H0). The Foam Test measures the foaming tendency of a lubricant. The basis of this test is a simple blood sample, which is then looked at in a lab. This arrangement allows periodic A new, simple foam test, in which a well-controlled volume of gas is introduced into a definite volume of solution, is presented along with the method of analysis. Inadequate lubrication, cavitation, and overflow loss of lubricant can lead to mechanical failure. This test method is used in … Sorry to bring this post up again, but does anyone still have the PDF? To calculate the density of a piece of foam, you divide the weight of the foam by its width x height x length. Using this method, a foaminess index (Σ) of the foam can be determined; this index is the ratio of foam volume generated by a given gas flow rate: Σ = H0 / Ug (1) II.-Shaker bottles. Learn to formulate cosmetics. This controller offers flexibility with regard to control, data obtainment, analysis, and reporting. The test manifold verifies the proper mixture of water and foam concentrate developed by the propor-tioning equipment.