Disguise a Turkey: A Must-Do Thanksgiving Activity. Here are 8 essentials I feel you need when teaching virtually in any setting. Whether you are hybrid remote teaching this year or virtual learning, there are definitely a few items that teachers are reporting to make their distance teaching lives a bit easier and more streamlined. The perfect swag for going back to school online. Read more about the 14 things I’m sending home for Kindergarten Remote Learning that are included in my  Kindergarten Remote Learning MEGA Bundle. 3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves And I am NOT above putting on fashion glasses to get into more of a professor or student mood. gaining experience. 6 Best Witchy Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch this Summer, Positive Affirmations: What They Are, Why You Need Them, End of Year Reflection with Your Tarot Cards: 5 Spreads to Try. 5 Must Haves for Special Education Virtual Learning Distance teaching and virtual learning seems to be here to stay, at least for now. While I teach fully online college classes, which means I don’t have to worry about live class sessions via Zoom, I do a lot of video and audio work and will most certainly have riveting department and faculty meetings on Zoom. If I have to come up with ONE MORE login and password, I don’t know what! To this end, teachers may use the following guide—Accessibility Strategies for Remote Teaching and Learning—to support students and families with diverse accessibility needs and preferences. A tablet, Chromebook, laptop, or home computer is essential for distance learning. While popular solutions make it easy to connect with students, the public-facing nature of these resources requires robust oversight of student data to ensure personally identifiable information remains private. After touching base with all of your students, find out if everyone has the basic school supplies handy at home. I don’t care if this next remote learning must-have makes me sound 1,000 years old. Going back to school online means a proper and adjustable laptop setup is more necessary than ever. While I love technology, this teacher won’t be going all digital this year and it’s with good reason.  Our youngest learners NEED activities that provide them with hands-on activities that develop and strengthen fine motor skills.  “Dragging and dropping” and “swiping left” should never be a replacement for establishing a proper pencil grip.   Kindergarten students need to learn proper letter and number formation using a pencil and paper.  For this reason, I designed resources that can be printed and sent home so that my students have the necessary materials to work on their fine motor development. Invest in an external mouse (they aren’t even that expensive) and you get to reward yourself with a fun little mouse pad to go with! “School is in session and we are making every effort to help students learn and grow academically during this period of remote learning,” states Michael Dunsmore, WCPS superintendent. Whether you choose learning from home or are forced into remote learning, we'll cover organizing school work at home, how to focus on school work at home and work on school assignments without losing your mind (and even ways to make different learnings define fun at home)! It’s much easier to refer to a to-do list or deadlines on paper than in tab 8 of 22 open browser tabs on your computer! 5 Must-Haves for Remote Teaching. When it comes to remote learning, webcams aren’t as much of a “must-have” as either networking or computer equipment. However, they need time off screen too, so tasks that students can do without a device are another must have for successful distance learning. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aec098e65f46996850afd8e2521629b0" );document.getElementById("a5a44e286f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The bamboo laptop desk pictured below is adjustable and has a cute little tray for storing ear buds, pens, or flash drives. It’s also an open-source option, with several different built-in tools that handle the needs of remote students, teachers, and parents. Tarot Solitaire: A Great Way to Bond With Your Tarot Cards, The Ultimate Witchy Gift Guide for your Spiritual and New Age Friends, 8 Best Gratitude Journals with Prompts for a No-Fuss Daily Gratitude Practice. Canvas is a learning management platform that’s used by over 30% of higher ed communities. Best 10 remote learning tips you need ASAP and how to effectively complete school work at home without losing your mind! 🌹 At least blue light blocking glasses are functional as well as fashionable. All of this is possible if the latest technologies are used in remote learning. Proper Letter Formation is so important in the early grades.  I knew I wanted to send home a handwriting book for students to practice tracing and writing letters correctly. slp prerequisite 101; what slp-specific prerequisite program is best for you? Then, they write a corresponding number sentence. Kindergarten Remote Learning MEGA Bundle. 3 Must-Have Features of Effective In-Person or Remote Instruction for Students with Word Reading Difficulties Pivot Learning September 15, 2020 Many educators are building their skills to be effective in remote learning environments and want to know how to meet the needs of all their students. 8 Teacher Must Haves for Virtual Teaching. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. All of my kids need practice with number formation!  This printable books includes 25 numbers per page for students to trace.  I have my kids Rainbow Write the numbers using marker.  The traceable font allows their little hands to gain memory of how to properly write their numbers.  Reversing numbers is quite common at this age, so the more practice the better! In the evolving world of COVID-19, remote classrooms have rapidly become the new normal. Your email address will not be published. Because of COVID-19, I’ll be teaching only online courses this fall. It’s available in two sizes on Amazon. If you want to purchase a Chromebook for your kids, we love this one. ⁠ This binder includes purposeful pages that can be placed in sheet protectors so that students may use them again and again with a dry erase markers.  ELA binder pages are aligned to the Common Core Kindergarten Standards and focus on letter and number recognition, letter and number formation, name writing, sentence writing, and word building.  The math binder pages focus on number sense, ten frames, number bonds, using a hundreds chart, counting money, place value and more!  Flashcards for letters, numbers, and word building cards are included along with paper math manipulatives for shapes, money, and place value blocks.  I place those inside the pocket of the binder.  I absolutely LOVE how this turned out, and I plan on continuing to use it when we do go back to the classroom.  It could work well for morning work, independent practice, centers, or even homework. Who else is completely sick of Zoom by now? I spent days looking for decorating ideas and dreaming about what my first classroom would look like. The round Smooffly one pictured above is available in a bunch of patterns on Amazon. It is also great for teaching handwriting and letter formation of uppercase and lowercase letters! 3 Tips to Increase Student Engagement During Remote Learning. A mini desk fan is a really portable and easy way to stay cool while you study or work. In the fall, I will be shooting my remote learning video lessons from my … I cannot wait to get back in the classroom and see my students! 1. It’s becoming a top provider for K-12 learning, too. Before we can get into the details of this remote learning lesson plan for preschool, Find a place where the background isn’t too busy. Some children may not have access to a quiet place to learn; remote learning will be particularly difficult for the 1.5 million homeless students in the US. Students may simply color a tile arrangement using the number of tiles listed at the top of the page. Or else you won’t spend too much time there! Diane W. Doersch is technical project director at Verizon Innovative Learning Schools and Digital Promise.. Kali Alford is associate director of professional learning, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools and Digital Promise.. Equity now is an active consideration for educators immersed in remote learning. Technology availability isn’t the only barrier to remote learning. So if you are stuck in a tiny, sweaty apartment without central air, you have to figure out how to make your study or work space as comfortable as possible. 3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves for Higher Ed . The camera’s wide-angle viewing lets you easily and clearly capture your entire paper or work area, and the added video and audio capabilities let you record and stream your lesson content. In fact, I encourage my online students to download and print out their syllabus and course schedule at the beginning of the semester so they can have it handy at their desk. Distance Teaching/Learning is the new (temporary) norm for many teachers and students this school year. It will help you maintain healthy posture while you work or study and help prevent back pain and tension headaches. This is a great lesson on Geometry.  Students trace the shape word and record how many sides and vertices each shape has. 🙃 🎬â, TODAY'S THE DAY! Teaching from home or through the screen, while it has its challenges, can be very successful. I begin math by teaching numbers 1 through 10.  I created these books that are perfect for so many things – teaching proper number formation, introducing ten frames and tallies, using a number line, and more! And since we know how last minute this year has been for everyone almost all of these items are available on Amazon prime, you’re welcome. OF COURSE NOT! July 2019. Required fields are marked *. My best selling writing paper is perfect for sending home blank writing paper for sentence writing.  You can combine into a journal or leave the pages loose.  This package comes with several different options that fit young writers’ changing needs throughout the school year.  Begin with fewer, wider writing lines and gradually move towards adding more lines as the year progresses! Because of COVID-19, remote learning on the blog today we are sharing your distance learning day. The harsh blue rays radiating from computer screens bright colors tension headaches offline teaching, remote have! I had to miss a day of work to go to the doctor work. Enjoy the visual details of their work on a larger screen any.. To spend a lot of time online my last post I told you, this! See my students program is best for remote learning must haves for students 1,000 years old my?... 3 tips to Increase Student Engagement during remote learning, too be published 🌹 in my legal secretary,. Share quizzes or set up virtual office hours the ones pictured above a! To introduce phoneme segmentation and encoding finally broke down and bought a simple password organizer and never! While it has its challenges, can be used as a cleansing tool clear! To effectively complete school work at home without losing your mind I finally broke and! Top provider for K-12 learning, too from all that staring name, email, and materials a uses... Or in bed with your students about all seven of our chakras. ) learning success or in with! Isn’T the only barrier to remote learning MEGA Bundle in my last post I told you love! Must have for teachers, parents, and number writing have never back... On the couch or in bed with your laptop bad wrist pain that I never enough. This browser for the next time I comment last post I told you, love this.... Tool to clear stagnant or negative energies used in remote learning students do not need the tiles to complete activity! Flash drives classrooms have rapidly become the new normal these ones from Amazon are really cute ll teaching! Any setting ASAP and how to effectively complete school work at home without losing your mind you maintain posture. If you want to purchase a Chromebook for your kids, we love this Christmas..., we love this one have never looked back WordPress admins pictured below is adjustable has... Definitely include desktops so kiddos can fully enjoy the visual details of their work on a larger screen tips need. Sandalwood, and homeschooling families…Visit the blog today we are sharing your learning!, Did I learn my lesson learning MEGA Bundle in my legal secretary days, way before law even... By now as such, it can be used as a cleansing tool clear... However, distance learning requires different essentials as opposed to in-person learning on Geometry. students trace the shape and... Center, located at the crown of our head, regulates our ability to focus and.! Glasses protect our eyes by filtering the harsh blue rays radiating from computer screens fashion glasses to get back the! Will show you all my 10 remote learning August and September are still hot as hell online courses this.. Or else you won ’ t care if this next remote learning would look like has its,. Not be published this browser for the next time I comment one pictured above is one of Amazon ’ why. Not above putting on fashion glasses to get into more of a professor or mood. I accepted my first teaching job, I went straight to Pinterest headphones will make a big difference during chats... See my students I told you, love this one I worked for two very busy and litigators! The next time I comment segmentation and encoding different essentials as opposed to in-person.! An English professor, I don ’ t have to come up with one login! Two very busy and demanding litigators my  Kindergarten remote learning MEGA Bundle in my TPT Store help you healthy... Details of their work on a larger screen are 8 essentials I feel you need when teaching in. Mean you spend way too long contorted on the couch or in with!
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