Curious about how the Manchu Wok version compares. Very deliciously dark. Can you tell me which vegetables to include when making this recipe? Thanks for this, I’m not sure I believe I can replicate the magic, but I’ll try! Some Calgary Ginger Beef recipes instruct cooks to dredge steak slices in cornstarch before submerging in oil. When the beef came out with a lovely flavour but was way too chewy, Mang thought he had ruined it, but everyone loved it. While I am not a particularly large fan of the Calgary invented, deep fried meat in syrup dish known as ginger beef, I would like some help finding some stand out examples of it. Here is an excellent recipe for the ginger in case you’re interested (from a long-closed, much-missed restaurant in San Francisco):, MMmmm! Mang subsequently went to Halifax, where he opened another restaurant. No one I knew had any Asian cooking experience. If you don’t have a deep frier at home, we suggest using a large wok. Please let me know how you find this recipe! Looking forward to hearing how you enjoy the recipe, Brenda! I think you could have special tea beer or whisky, if my memory is correct! The beef is crispy until mixed with the sauce, then becomes chewy and delicious. Please connect with Valerie to buy a Thermomix Machine! Over 17,000 Chinese came to Canada from 1881 through 1884. Peter! I like to use light soy sauce in this ginger beef recipe, but you can use regular soy sauce. Hi Mac, Valerie. It was not as good the next day, but it was still delicious. Valerie. That was my biggest surprise. So sorry for this confusion….the vegetables should be crispy before going into the TM bowl – so by that, I meant – they will not be limp. Let me know what you think! By all means, post the recipe! "It had dark glossy sauce and no ginger in it, but it was way too sweet and had questionable beef-to-batter ratio. Carrots and celery with the rest. Sounds like it to me. Ginger beef is made up of breaded and fried crispy strips of beef, tossed in a sticky, ginger sauce with julienne vegetables. I show to make crispy ginger beef, a westernized version of a Chinese dish made from beef and ginger. I have added this recipe to my Minute Steak Series, as I made this with Minute Steak or Cube Steak, and it was exceptional! I’m going to try it as soon as I get a chance. Rae always knew what to do. Chorney-Booth added, “The recipe does differ from place to place. V. The best place to go for Wor Wonton and spring rolls is in Acme, Alberta. My favourite Chinese joint… She feeds me gluten free, sizziling rice too, and remembers me years between visits. I am thrilled to tell mine. I had the first batch in for 5 minutes and the batter is still relatively soggy sitting in the bowl off to the side…, Your oil wasn’t hot enough, Shantel. I have a question about the vegetables: the photo of the fresh, julienned vegetables looks like it has celery and onion, and not green pepper, as the recipe does. I almost cried when I found this recipe. Stephen, Fred was a gourmand and an excellent cook. Very interesting. I must get back to Dim Sum at the Silver Dragon – I believe it was about 30 years ago when there last! V. I first had Ginger Beef at the Wok Inn in northwest Calgary. Looking forward to introducing my family to this taste from my childhood!! That was September 27, 2012 and it went on my “to do’ list. My goodness Val, this is the stuff of dreams. His own site was the MessHall. We made it with all the items shown on the plate and it is definitely not a 1. Then you will find the deep, dark pieces of complex flavour and colour has seeped through the entire dish. V. Hi Valerie, just want to say thank you for the best Ginger Beef Recipe! After the Chinese workers finished building Canada’s railway, many settled in communities from Vancouver to St. John’s, opening some of the first Canadian Chinese restaurants. The variations usually have to do with the sauce and colour: I’ve seen ginger beef that is a golden yellow in colour and others that are the colour of  Coca-Cola.”, The patriotic foodie from Calgary exclaimed, “To me, the most fascinating thing about ginger beef is that it is so uniquely Albertan. She is the one that really opened my eyes to the world of food. Calgary Ginger Beef is just one of the classic dishes that was invented in Alberta’s biggest city, quickly making its way onto Chinese restaurant menus across the country. I have made it and is better than any restaurant here. We made it together tonight and it was delicious. I know that this recipe is still on their menu today. It is so different than the tough stuff you normally get. They have been through ups and downs including some sanitation issues, new owners, etc. Please tell me how to stir fry the vegetables and get them CRISPY???? In a small bowl, toss the beef with the cornstarch to coat. OK, I am done. Should I confess that it was almost as tasty two days later? Ginger Beef Bistro House — 388 Country Hills Blvd. I am certain it has gone through evolutions of change as our palates, lives and food culture has. History of the Ginger Beef Recipe. The chef had been flown to calgary to be trained for the ‘sacred’ recipe! Thank you so much, Michele for sharing your recipe! DEEEE-licious! I cooked the sauce separately after doubling the batch and let it boil down a bit to thicken. Attribution was in the exhibit at the RAM too. The only thing I do differently is sometimes double fry the beef. That’s why I do what I do and thank you ever so much for chiming in Karen! These decades on and many hopeful orderings later, I wonder if it really was, just there, just then, that place, that chef. Addictive. 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I’m extremely interested!! Sincerely and warmly, Several thousand came from the coastal areas of the United States where they helped build the American transcontinental railroad, but the majority arrived directly from southern China. Awesome recipe Julie! That was not the place I ate at. I haven’t been there for years, but know that the Lingnan is definitely tops for Canadian Chinese Food in Edmonton. Fred sent me a copy of Daniel’s how to make it and I keep it close, even though I have only made it myself once.
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